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  • Hello

    I like to carve western red cedar (Thuja plicata) and yellow cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis), both local woods. Some birch (Betula papyrifera).

    I like to use the crooked knives and adzes like those here in the Pacific Northwest native carving community. I build most of my tools.

    I am retired. I live in a little mountain village in the west side of the Rocky Mountains. I grow grapes in the summers.

  • hello Brian, hello Joe,

    nice that you have accepted my invitation! I welcome you in this forum.

    @Brian, I have also carved red Cedar. But it is difficult to carve across the fiber. So you live in the rocky mountains. I've heard a lot about this mountain. In winter there is a lot of snow. It is interesting that you make wine, is not it too cold in the rocky mountains? Please tell more about it. I live in a wine-growing region on the rivers Rhine and Moselle. There is very, very, very much wine. You make your carving tools yourself? Which carving knives are there?

    @ Joe, it does not matter if you write in English. Who has a PC, also has a translation program! Look around here in the forum. What do you like to carve most?

  • Hello Jakob. Thank you.

    You will find me in several other carving forums as "Robson Valley." That is the mountain district where I live.

    It is snowing then melting almost every day in the valley now. There is still 300cm in the alpine, we had 100cm in the village.

    I grow Vitis riparia grapes for juice and jelly. Not a good wine grape. I trade the grapes for carrots, onions & potatoes for winter.

    I buy the steel blades and make my own handles. Many of the crooked knives were used by farriers to trim horse hooves.

    I buy the adze blades from Kestrel Tool i the USA and make all the wooden handles for those.

    I carve what I see in the wood. It comes to me what there is in there. Maybe a bowl, maybe a Raven bird or other animal.

  • Hallo Jacob,

    ich finde es gut, wenn wir sogar International werden. Jedoch haben wir doch die englischsprachige Rubrik dafür. Kann man das dahin umleiten und deinen Freunden in Übersee mitteilen, wo sie sich einstellen können. Da ich kein englisch spreche, lasse ich Google das übersetzen. Vielleicht sollte man die Übersetzung darunter setzen.

    Was hälst du davon?



  • Hallo Berkow,

    die beiden Unterforen für englischsprachige Gäste/Mitglieder hier im Forum, führen ins Leere, sie funktionieren nicht! Eine automatische Übersetzung der englischen Texte, ja das wäre wünschenswert. Aber wie Du schon schreibst, jeder der einen PC hat, könnte auch ein Übersetzungsprogramm wie Du eines hast, wenn er der englischen Sprache nicht mächtig ist, haben. Diese Programme kann man sich "kostenlos" im Netz downloaden.

  • Hello. Me again. I've learned that the translator works on the message text but not on some of the other frame control words.

    This forum is better. I have a paper sheet to learn some German terms! I will try to post pictures. Hard for me to do. Easy for others.

  • Hello fellow wood carvers. It is great to get to visit your forum and exchange ideas with carvers from another region in this wonderful world of ours. My name is Robert Squarebriggs, from Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada, and I am 66 years old and have been carving most of my life. My specialty is carving sailing ship models, and relief carvings of ships under sail at sea, and I also carve a host of other things: canes, birds, animals, people (figures, heads/faces), character animals, Christmas ornaments, etc. I look forward to chatting with fellow carvers from your country, and I apologize for not being able to speak your language, but am willing to try and communicate what ever way I can. I will be happy to post some photographs of my efforts when ever someone can tell me how to do so.

    Best regards.

  • Hello Robert,

    Welcome to this forum. So you live in the great Canada. In the second largest country on earth. Last summer we visited our son in USA. He is a Bundeswehr soldier and currently lives in Sterling Verginia. We have made a small round trip through the USA. By plane and the car. We also went to Niagara Falls in Canada. We were excited. We went by boat to the waterfall. At first I did not want to, I was afraid of it. But then I took courage and did it anyway. That was my great experience. My english is very bad, I can read the most but write almost nothing. To write I use a translation program. Can you read my texts?

    I'm really looking forward to your photos. Also I am interested in carvings of carvers around the world. Soon I will explain how to upload photos in this forum. For this I will write a new topic.

  • Hey Joe, Hey Brian,

    it is interesting to see you here in our forum. I'm also looking forward to the pictures with the carvings.

    Jacob will help you with how the pictures are set. Since I can not speak English, I wrote that with a translator program from Google.

    Greetings from Berlin


  • Hallo Berkow,

    super gemacht. Mit ein Bisschen gutem Willen geht fast alles. Ich kann zwar das Meiste in englisch lesen, aber schreiben kann ich fast nix. Wer einen PC bedienen kann, kann auch ein Übersetzungsprogramm bedienen. Ich mache es auch so. Man muss es nur wollen!;)

  • Thank you for the nice welcome Jakob and Berkow, good to see Brian and JoeB visiting as well. I haven't figured out how to load a translator program yet, but I saw your post Jakob on posting pictures and I think I can manage that. Let me see if this works.

    Robert (aka Bob)

  • Hello Robert,

    great You have managed to upload photos.

    I am amazed how beautiful your ships are. Are you or were you a sailor? Did you build it yourself in every detail? You've built a lot of ships, how long do you do that?

    The eagle head is also wonderful, I also tried to carve one, but it is not as great as yours. Even the Indian, the polar bear and the sleigh with Santa Claus, are really great carvings. You are a master carver!

    It's easy with the translation program. In a new post in this forum I will show how it works!

  • Hello Robert,

    Your work shows a wide range. Everything is included, from the ship to the animal. The eagle has certainly prepared a lot of work. Designing each feather individually takes time. What are you working on at the moment?



  • Thank you Jakob and Berkow for your compliments on my efforts. Yes Jakob, I was a sailor, I was born on Prince Edward Island and my father was a sailor during the war, and my great grandfather and his father were master mariners and ship builders. They had a small shipyard on Prince Edward Island and operated a trading and mercantile business as well as a small farm. I have been building wooden sailing ships for more than 45 years, always from scratch and built from the original draughts or drawings. I work in various scales and build both full hull models and half models. I began carving to become a better ship modeller, to practice making the decorations on the ships better. I enjoyed doing them so much that I started to do more and more different subjects, for experience.

    Berkow, I have several projects ongoing at the same time. The half model that you saw in the previous post is currently under construction and is unfinished. Also I have just completed a small turtle for a client and a Golden Eagle cane. I enjoy carving birds and animals, especially for my grandchildren and my wife, who all enjoy my work very much and each have collections of their own. I carved this Snowy Owl for my wife and it took a full year to carve and finish. There are very many feathers on an owl!

    I was able to load a translator program onto my computer and it will make communicating so much easier. I look forward to exchanging ideas with my new German friends.