Upload Photos

  • Upload photos.

    Hello dear members, hello dear guests. I would like to explain to you how to upload photos in this forum.

    If you have entered your text in the text field, drive the cursor a few lines lower and leave it there. If you do not, your photos appear between the letters. click directly below the text on the button "Dateianhänge".

    Then the button "Hochladen" appears. Click on it.

    Then the place appears where you have your photos stored on "your" computer.

    Now click on the photos you want to upload in the forum, then click on your computer on "open".

    Now the photo appears as a small photo under your text.

    Now click on "Original einfügen" and your photos will appear below your text in the title block.

    Last click on the button "Absenden". The photos can now be seen in this forum.

    You can not upload more than 10 photos. The file size must not be greater than one megabit in total.