Translate the topics of the forum into English.

  • Hello dear English speaking guests and members of this forum,

    I would like to show you how to easily translate the texts here in the forum. If you do not have your own translation program, you can use the program on this website. It's free!

    Open this page on your computer. Now this page appears.

    Now mark and copy the Internet address of the topic you are interested in and paste it on the left side of the translation program. The translated page appears in blue on the right side. As an example, I chose the homepage of the forum.

    Now click on the blue Internet address, the translated topic will appear.

    So you can do that with any desired page of the forum. Of course you could also do that with individual texts from the forum, For this you only need to mark and copy the text that interests you into the left text field of the translation program. The translated text will appear on the right side.