Raven Stealing The Light

  • For many years, I have read the stories which are parts of the Haida Frist Nation legendary belief of Creation.

    These are shared with the Tlingit and Tsimshian people on the mainland. As you might imagine, the stories change a lot with fine details.

    The central stories are all the same.

    I carve what I see in the wood. I can do it only if it is there. So I have many piles of wood, posts and blocks, indoors and outside.

    The Ravens are my constant winter companions. I feed them when it is colder than -20C ( several nights this week of -35C).

    I was carving Ravens in western red cedar when I understood that I could show parts of the Legendary Belief of Creation.

    I get an idea for a carving then look for the wood that it might be in. Maybe in minutes, maybe in years.

    Ravens are very intelligent birds and occupy a high place in the First Nations cultures of the Pacific Northwest.

    Raven can move from the natural to the supernatural very easily.

    == = =

    In the Beginning, it is dark. Raven has to walk everywhere like everybody else. It is too dangerous to try to fly.

    After a time, Raven learns that all the light in the world is kept in a hidden box by "The Old One Who Walks Everywhere."

    Raven plays many tricks and learns where the box is hidden. Raven steals the box of light.

  • Here, you can see that Raven has put 6 stars back in the night sky. Also, Raven has put the moon in the sky.

    Raven is carrying the hot sun in his beak, squinting in the light and flames. This will go at the top of the night sky.

    There are many other symbolic features in this carving which are hard to see wit the black paint. The ruler is 15cm.

  • Hi Brian.

    Thanks for sharing the background of the meaning of the raven.

    Its interesting to learn those things.

    The carvings you showed us are all very nice but the ravens mirror in the water i like most.

    I know the feeling you described. Searching or better said finding the right firm in the wood.

    Sometimes the wood tells me what it wants to be. Richt now i tried carving a spoon out of green wood. A piece i found outside where the bushes were cut so the ways were free again.

    I planned to build the front part of the spoon so the most inner part of the wood was inside but because of the drying the wood was torn apart so i had to change my plans and find something else inside the wood. That's a very surprising thing to me.

    The other project you informed us of is quite interesting too.

    It's great that people share their skills and work together on such a project.

    Best regards Dirk